Scratch for .Net

Scratch for .Net Micro Framework is free software that allows you to use the MIT Scratch programming environment with .Net Micro Framework micro-controller boards and peripherals.

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Get Hardware

You'll need a micro controller board that runs the .Net Micro Framework. Click the 'Learn More' button for a list of vendors and compatible boards.

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Get Software

Install the Scratch offline editor and the Scratch4.Net Gateway program on your Windows system and you're all set. Click 'Download' for more information and links to these two programs.

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Have Fun!

Have fun learning to program in Scratch. You can use your .Net Micro Framework boards as sensors and input devices and use them to control real-world output through displays and digital, analog and PWM outputs. Click below to access the Scratch4.Net documentation and sample programs.

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Scratch for .Net Micro Framework is a standalone open-source software project created by Pervasive Digital LLC in support of education in science, math and computer programming, and while it shares the goals of the MIT Scratch project, this project is entirely separate and is not endorsed by or related to the MIT Scratch project in any way. Scratch for .Net is is offered at no cost - there are no license fees or subscriptions.

Scratch for .Net was created with the generous support of: