Scratch for .Net Micro Framework

Scratch4.net consists of this web site, a windows desktop application, and .Net Micro Framework firmware images that allow you to use .Net Micro Framework boards along with the MIT Scratch programming environment.

Scratch for .Net Micro Framework is a standalone open-source software project created by Pervasive Digital LLC in support of education in science, math and computer programming, and while it shares the goals of the MIT Scratch project, this project is entirely separate and is not endorsed by or related to the MIT Scratch project in any way. Scratch for .Net is is offered at no cost - there are no license fees or subscriptions.

Open Source

The Scratch for .Net software, including this web site, the desktop gateway software and the source for all firmware images, are open source software offered under the Apache 2.0 license. The source code can be found at https://github.com/martincalsyn/ScratchDotNet.


This web site uses cookies to manage the operation of the web site, including measuring traffic and the response time offered by the servers. We do not present advertising from this web site and do not have any agreements with advertisers. It is possible to use this web site, excluding the forums, without logging in or providing any other information. If you do register, we will not, under any circumstances, sell, rent or otherwise distribute or reveal personal information and we will exercise due dilligence in securing the information that you might provide here. Nothing is sold on this site and no financial information or payment is ever requested.

The desktop software (aka "Gateway") and .Net Micro Framework firmware programs do not collect any personally-identifiable information. In the future, with your explicit permission to be requested at a future date, we may collect usage and performance data in the gateway program to help us identify crashes and improve the product.


"Scratch for .Net", "Scratch for .Net Micro Framework" and the "scratch4.net" domain are internationally registered trademarks. Certain imagery from the MIT Scratch distribution are used under the terms of their license. Such use does not imply any support or endorsement by MIT or the Scratch project for the works in Scratch for .Net. Other entities may hold copyrights and/or trademarks on the hardware devices and other software referenced here. These names and images are used under fair user terms for the purpose of referring to these products. No endorsement of those products by Scratch4.Net is implied, and no endorsement of Scratch4.Net by those companies is implied.

Use with caution and under adult supervision

Any use of electricity, even at the low voltages present in the devices supported by Scratch for .Net carries with it some risk of injury or even death if used carelessly. Low voltage sources can produce sufficient heat to start fires or cause burns. This software is aimed at educating children, but when used with external hardware devices, adult supervision and proper care to guard against injury or property damage is essential.

Disclaimer of Warranty or Fitness for any Purpose

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